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At Delo Drain & Septic we specialize in septic tank cleaning and repairs in all of WNY, as well as portable restroom rentals. We are a locally owned and operated business servicing the WNY areas for over 30years.

Septic Systems should be inspected every 2-3 years. Some systems with mechanical or electrical components may need to be inspected yearly. Delo Drain & Septic will inspect your septic system for signs of backups and leaks. We also check for proper component operation. In addition, we'll also check the sludge layers and scum in the tank, and recommend a pumping schedule. We also have sewer cameras with video inspection and locator.

Drain Fields: Field revitalization with the use of high pressure water jetting back flushing technology, saving the need for costly septic replacement.

Septic Tank repairs: We have full excavation equipment to handle repairs.

Septic Tank Pumping: We pump out your septic tank and haul the waste to a treatment center/processing facility. We follow all environmental laws and regulations.

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